Go West Young Man!

32 Days and 5,536 Miles On My Vintage Motorcycle

In the morning Kate & Keeley let us buy breakfast as a thanks. Keeley returned all the shit she stole from us and we packed up for San Francisco. Definetly a couple of brave girls, didn't even call the cops when I showed them my stun gun and sexually vulgar postcards I wrote (no, I never mailed them).

We kind of screwed up and skipped the PCH for the expedited ride up the 101. Straight into San Fran we made a bee line for the Golden Gate Bridge. Motorcycles cross for free!

We got one of those bizzaro off season deals at the San Francisco Inn on Lombard Street. Paying 40$ for a 150$ room really appealed to the teenage thief that still lurks in the underdeveloped region of my brain. Grub came from Golden Boy Pizza, a North Beach institution and hang out for the combat boot crew. I hope they can fly a slice in when I'm on death row. We wrapped up the evening by riding over to Haight & Ashbury. It was kind of gay, if you can believe it.


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