Go West Young Man!

32 Days and 5,536 Miles On My Vintage Motorcycle

Outside of Mexican Hat we crossed over the San Juan River for the second time. I stopped to straighten myself up and threatened Jordan with death if he didn't get some good shots of me in Monument Valley. The sun hung midway up the sky, weak from beating back the cold that was eager to settle in for the Winter months. The air was dry and just barely luke warm, which is perfect motorcycle riding weather.

Exiting Monument Valley we mazed over the hard land along numerous state highways, taking the back roads into Page, AZ. This is home to the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, neither of which were planned destinations. Zion National Park and Las Vegas were officially marked off the itinerary, as we decided Vegas no longer 'vibed' with the way our trip was unfolding. Decending a thousand feet into Page we arrived late and heard nothing, saw nothing. It was dark when we settled into the Lake Powell rec area. I got my bike stuck in the sand, brushed my teeth and Jordan & I listened to a little music under that massive Arizona sky.


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