Go West Young Man!

32 Days and 5,536 Miles On My Vintage Motorcycle

I bought this bike in Iowa for 965$ in March of 2009. I spent 6 months completely rebuilding it, esentially in two stages. I did a piston rering and carb rebuild just to get it running and tooled around Little Rock for a few months popping wheelies and doing burn outs in grave yards. Then I had my first puff off a marijuana cigarette and was spiritually connected to thousands of dead hippies. They told me to see the great American South-West, and also to bring some shrooms.

Seriously, my buddy Justin and I had talked about motorcycle adventures for years. The more I worked on the bike the more road worthy it became and the farther I could ride it. Then in July I got shit-canned from my job and found myself with idle hands. If I was ever going to blow my mind on a motorcycle this was the time to do it. I rolled the bike back in my bedroom for the second time and rebuilt it bolt by bolt, nut by nut.

The top end rebuild shortly after I got the bike

Marking my work (below the primary chain hanging out of the right side engine case).

Coming together, about 2 months after I started the second rebuild and less than a week before leaving for California, the wrinkled raisin state.


Iron & Air said...

Trevor, you nailed it with your video. Live life. Way to go. I'm posting this on our wall - http://www.facebook.com/ironandair - our fans will eat this up.

Want a freelance writing position with us? :)


Anonymous said...

If I ever get walking I'll visit and consider some work! I am really looking forward to it!

KernCountyKid said...

I'm not qualified
Didn't you hear I was injured by a drunk driver

KernCountyKid said...

But if I could walk I sure would

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